How to trade in your Apple device for a gift card

How to trade in your Apple device for a gift card


How to trade in your Apple device for a gift card

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 How to trade in your Apple device for a gift card

Information on Trading in Your Apple Product

When preparing to bring in your gadget, please do the following:

Make sure you have a backup of your data. Contacts, photos, movies, music, calendars, and notes are just some of the types of data that should be backed up.

The steps below will allow you to restore your smartphone to factory settings.

In order to return your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to its original settings, you must perform a factory reset.

Launch the device's configuration menu.

Click the "General" tab.

Click "Reset" at the bottom of the page.

To confirm, tap the "Erase iPhone" button.

This is how to restore your Mac to factory settings:

To restart your Mac, press and hold the Command and R keys simultaneously.

The "Disk Utility" option must be chosen.

Select the primary drive you want to use.

Select "Delete"

Click "Reinstall macOS" and close "Disk Utility."

The FAQs

In advance of bringing in my gadget, what steps should I take?

It's up to you to wipe your device clean of any sensitive information. Products sent in for a trade-in at Best Buy Canada are not insured against loss of data or media.

How can I know how much my gadget is worth?

Your things' resale worth will depend on factors including their age, condition, and whether or not they come with their original packaging and accessories. In order to present you with a fair price, Best Buy Canada will analyze your device using our own unique technologies.

Must I also bring the necessary parts and instructions?

Yes, the value of your trade-in may be affected if you don't bring all of the product's components (accessories, manuals, etc.).

Where can I shop if I want to bring my device?

Except for the locations in Kelowna (BC), Winnipeg (MB), Sudbury (MB), Woodbridge (ON), Richmond Hill (ON), Granby (QC), and Rosemere (QC), you are free to bring your device inside any shop.

Stores in Kelowna (BC), Winnipeg (MB), Sudbury, Woodbridge, and Richmond Hill (ON), Granby (QC), and Rosemere (QC) do not participate in Trade-In due to local ordinances.

For any reason, Best Buy may reject your Trade-In. For the time being, you may only trade in at certain Best Buy stores. Anyone who does not have a valid government-issued picture ID and who is not yet 19 years old will not be admitted. Best Buy is obliged to gather and document extra data in accordance with applicable laws. Best Buy has the right to share any information obtained through a Trade-In with appropriate law enforcement agencies. The product has to be in good functioning order and have its original serial number intact. Please note that not all goods can be traded in. The estimate might change depending on the product's current state and the availability of relevant paperwork and components. We reserve the right to determine the fair market value of your trade-in based on a variety of variables, including but not limited to: product age and specifications, documentation, resale value, etc. The estimated value of a trade-in is only accurate at the time of enquiry. Before submitting your product for review, you must ensure that all personal information has been removed. In-store signing of an agreement is necessary. Only Best Buy gift cards can be used as payment; they cannot be exchanged for cash. Once the Best Buy gift card has been issued for a trade-in, there is no turning back. Please see an in-store Customer Service Agent for further information.

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