Samsung The Freestyle 1080p LED Portable Home Theatre Projector (SP-LSP3BLAXZC) - Open Box

Samsung The Freestyle 1080p LED Portable Home Theatre Projector (SP-LSP3BLAXZC) - Open Box


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 Samsung The Freestyle 1080p LED Portable Home Theatre Projector (SP-LSP3BLAXZC) - Open Box

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This item from Geek Squad Certified Open Box:

Has been fully checked out and approved by a Geek Squad agent

Is in perfect shape and has been checked to have no flaws on the outside.

Includes all of its original parts and a full warranty.

Best Buy's no-hassle return policy applies.

Details about the product:

The Freestyle's innovative technology gives it full HD resolution, which makes for clear, bright pictures.

With 550 LED lumens, the picture quality is great and the images are very bright, even in brightly lit areas.

It can project images from 30 inches to 100 inches, so you can use it in a small room or make your own home theater.

It has a powerful 5-watt woofer and a high-quality 360° speaker, so the sound is loud and full.

With a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, you can see blacks that are deeper and whites that are brighter. This gives you a better view of graphics and videos.

Adaptive sound has audio scenic intelligence that helps optimize sound based on real-time scene analysis by content type.

Images that are crooked or blurry are automatically fixed by a feature called auto-sensing.

Samsung TV Plus and next-generation apps are built in, so you can watch live TV or choose from apps like Netflix, Disney+, and more.

You can easily connect to and watch content on other Samsung TVs in your home. (This feature requires a compatible Samsung TV.) Even when the TV screen is off, you can still control and watch TV. Needs Internet connection)

Connect your compatible mobile device to The Freestyle projector so it can show media wirelessly. (This service only works when both the TV and mobile are on.) Apple AirPlay might not be supported on some models or in some places. Tap View works on Samsung Galaxy phones with Android OS 8.1 or later. The mirroring features are only meant to be used privately and not for business.)

Switch to "Ambient" mode to project and show decorative content, such as your own photos or scenes of nature with calming colors.

Receives voice commands from Bixby or Amazon Alexa, so you can turn it on and off, change the volume, or get to your favorite content without using your hands.

It's small and light, and it has a 180-degree cradle stand that lets you project your favorite content from different angles and on different surfaces.

Made to fit almost any lightbulb socket, you can project an image on any surface you want. (Needs a bulb with an E26 Medium base that is compatible. Depending on where you live, this feature may not be available.)


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