Snaptain – drone HD intégrale S5C avec télécommande, caméra 1080p, noir

Snaptain – drone HD intégrale S5C avec télécommande, caméra 1080p, noir


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 Snaptain – drone HD intégrale S5C avec télécommande, caméra 1080p, noir


Your drone piloting skills will improve dramatically if you equip yourself with an S5CFHD camera and a 1080p trajectories map. Take hilarious pictures of your friends and family using only voice and hand gesture commands.

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What's Included

Drone remote control Snaptain S5C (AAA batteries not included).

a pair of USB battery cables rated at 800 mAH Drone batteries that run on 3.7 volts 4 interchangeable lenses (A*2/B*2) Four safeguards Two layers of user-managed safety barriers


The S5CFHD drone from SNAPTAIN is a lot of fun to fly. A simple press of a button will cause it to leave its current location, fall to the ground, or return to its original position, as instructed. Intelligent voice controls, headless mode, and fascinating 360-degree shots that create tonneaux and tonneaux make this drone a great choice for beginners.

More distant and clearer

The SAPTAIN S5CFHD is capable of transmitting video across distances of up to 80 meters. You can make instantaneous changes and broadcast them across social media using an iPhone or a video transmission signal up to 80 meters away. Sequences of video are recorded on a microSD card automatically.


Fly safely with helo protection. Quality ABS plastic to withstand hard falls without breaking. This is the best option and it's entertaining enough for newcomers.


Assuring a stationary flight at a constant altitude is the job of the altitude-maintenance function. Drawing a flight path on the touch screen of your smart phone will cause the drone to take off in that direction. This cutting-edge technology is known as the "flight trajectory function."


With the help of the Snaptain Era software, which is downloadable on the App Store for both iOS and Android, you can control the drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of your smart phone.


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